Justin Bieber Apologizes for Disrespecting Argentinian Flag, Remains Mum on Being a Little Sh*t

Perhaps you’ve heard, but Justin Bieber has generated some controversy while touring South America. I’m not talking about the prostitutes. Or the graffiti. Or being kicked out of his hotel. I’m talking about disrespecting the Argentine flag.

Video taken at Bieber’s Buenos Aires concert shows the famous singer and walking PR disaster sweeping an Argentinian flag off the stage with his mic stand. Argentinians were, understandably, very upset about this and lashed out at him on Twitter. Now Bieber is apologizing via a series of tweets, claiming he didn’t see the flag or didn’t know it was a flag or something. It’s not a very coherent series of tweets:







Bieber, maybe the worst thing to happen to Latin America since the School of the Americas, has been making his way through South America for the past few weeks like a Viking, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. He’ll perform two shows in Mexico next week and then leave the Western Hemisphere entirely to perform in Australia. South America has vowed to rebuild.

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