Kaley Cuoco Would Rather Have Her Pets at Her Wedding Than Real People

You know how people associate those who’ll be single forever as cat ladies? Well, apparently same goes to those who are getting married too.

The totally “not effing pregnant” Kaley Cuoco recently visited The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and spilled the beans on her upcoming nuptials to tennis player Ryan Sweeting, telling the talk show host that she’s been planning her trip down the aisle for her whole life.

“I’ve been planning my wedding for about 27 years, so I’ve got it planned out in my head,” she said. “I just want everything the way I want it. That’s the way it should be!”

According to the Big Bang Theory actress, her pets will definitely play a big part in the ceremony.

“I might ride in on one of my horses. I secretly kind of want to do that,” she revealed. “I could!”

“I’m obsessed with my dogs, and I wanted to do my cake in the shape of their heads,” she said of her three pit bulls. “The whole farm’s gonna be at our wedding. I’m a big animal freak. I’d rather have the animals there than real people.”

Previously, Cuoco and her fiance got “hitched” on an episode of Ellen. However, no animals were there to witness that wedding.