Lindsay Lohan Is Showing Some Major Sideboob

Lindsay Lohan's selfies are getting sexier and sexier.

Just days after sharing a photo of her underwear-clad bod, the actress has posted a topless photo herself on her personal Instagram. In the sexy snapshot, the 27-year-old is see smoking a cigarette with a white sheet covering her bare breasts. (Don't worry, there's still lots of sideboob to be seen.)

Lohan's pal, Rush Zimmerman, also tweeted out another version of the racy picture -- so, you know, you can see more LiLo under a different filter.

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  • sailor12

    Tramp Stamp.

  • ahmad11694

    Lindsay Lohan is in my nieghborhood forcing me to be a robot she put micro biopsy in my body she is at my home and i want this to stop i dont want to be put on any industry and i need help my. They implanted a micro phone while i was sleeping in my chest that she speaks out of my number is 6465787525 idk what to do she is threatening to delete my memory banks

  • Leigh Anne Dearing
    Leigh Anne Dearing

    She needs to quit smoking, she's sounding more and more like a man these days!

  • Arthur Dent
    Arthur Dent

    We seen vagina and boobs and butt on film, pictures, playboyshopped and people still go "Look, you can almost see nipples!" even though weve seen the pink areolas.