Simon Cowell’s Baby Mama is Making Her Son a “Priority”

Lauren Silverman is pregnant with her second son courtesy of Simon Cowell. But her No. 1 priority is her 7-year-old boy with ex-hubby Andrew Silverman, according to Lauren’s mom.

And she’s making a bicoastal commitment to keep it that way.

“She’s in L.A. right now and going back and forth from L.A. to New York,” Carole Saland told CB!

“She’s in L.A. part time and in New York because she has her son part time. He’s her priority so she’s going to have to work out her schedule.”

Whether Simon and Adam are forging that stepfather/stepson bond is subject to very strict guidelines.

“There’s a lot of… the situation involves custody rules,” is all Carole would say on the subject.

(Photo: Splash News)

But according to TMZ, Adam and Simon won’t be throwing around the baseball anytime soon.

The divorce settlement includes an agreement that Lauren will get $3,000 a month, but also stipulates that The X Factor judge is not to go near her son, and if he does, the 36-year-old baby mama will have to fork over a whopping $50,000.

The penalty is so severe that if Lauren breaks the rules three times from now until January 2015 she’ll lose all contact with Adam.

And, although we’re sure this one must be hard considering Simon and Lauren’s affair is what led to the baby and her divorce, Andrew has to bite his tongue when it comes to bashing Simon around his son.

Yet, despite this news, it’s happy family.

“We’re excited and everyone is just adjusting,” said Carole. “We’re hoping for a healthy, happy child.”

And there’s a lot of planning still left to do before Lauren’s due date in February, Carole confirmed.

“They’re back and forth with names,” she said.

“There will be a baby shower. Typical women throwing a party. We’re all helping, there’s lots to do.”