Anderson Cooper Isn't Happy with Alec Baldwin

The actor apologizes for allegedly using an anti-gay slur.

It hasn’t been the best week for Alec Baldwin.

First, he had to testify against his stalker and now Anderson Cooper is pissed off.

Known to ruffle a few feathers when it comes to his often colorful descriptions of the paparazzi, this time, Baldwin's taken it a bit too far after reportedly calling a reporter a "c**ksucking f*g" early Thursday in NYC as he was fending off photogs from his wife Hilaria Baldwin and their newborn daughter.

Only, he claims he didn't use an anti-gay slur, but uttered the far less offensive words "c**ksucking fathead."

Either way, Cooper, who’s openly gay, isn’t amused:

And Baldwin apologized:



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  • Kimberley O'Brien
    Kimberley O'Brien

    Yay for Anderson Cooper! Someone needs to stand up to Alec Baldwin! I'm SO TIRED of his abusive language. So gross and inappropriate.