Kim Kardashian Gets a Glowing Review

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Famed photographer Bruce Weber shot Kim Kardashianfor DuJour Magazine, declaring her one of his favorite subjects during a 92nd Street Y talk with Fern Mallis.

At first I wanted to photograph her mom, Kris Jenner. She [Kim] came to the set,” Weber said, according to Page Six.  “I always judge the person I’m going to photograph by how they are with my assistants and my crew — she looked at each one and introduced herself. She was just so personable with everyone. She was wonderful.”

Weber, who has shot countless fashion campaigns, also spoke about working with Ralph Lauren and Gianni Versace.

“[Gianni] was someone who loved to argue,” Weber said.  “The last day I spent with him, I refused to argue . . . he pointed outside the window and said, ‘Look at that palm tree, look at how beautiful it is.’ We hugged and kissed goodbye, and he was killed several days later.”

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