Sinead O’Connor Explains Why She Wrote Miley Cyrus All Those Letters

Remember when Sinead O’Connor went on a letter-writing spree after Miley Cyrus decided to poke fun of folks with mental health issues? Well, she doesn’t regret it all.

Speaking with Time, the “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer said her public feud with the former Disney princess was actually pretty “helpful.”

“I think what was more important really that came out of the Miley thing was this issue of being able to conversate about how mental health and human rights is now,” she explained. “I think she was actually very helpful. I think the two of us, without meaning to, did quite a good job in terms of creating conversation about something really, really important.”

For those of you living under a rock, O’Connor and Cyrus’ spat first started when the former wrote an open letter warning the twerk-happy “Wrecking Ball” crooner of the dangers of getting “pimped” by the music industry. In total, O’Connor had written four letters to the young starlet.

“The music business is corrupt, a spiritually corrupt arena,” she told Time. “It’s full of nothing but vampires and pimps, honestly. You couldn’t understand it unless you were in it. The only way to survive it is to love music.”