Who Are Reality TV’s Baddest B*tches?

Claws out and insults ready—It’s the only way to survive the women-eat-women world of reality TV. Thanks to girls being total b*tches girls, we’ve seen our fair share of epic catfights over the years. And if there’s anything we’ve learned from Total Divas (which returned to E! Sunday), it’s that the best brawls happen outside the ring.

Looking back on some of the greatest female tussles in reality TV history, we’re not sure the same chicks would’ve come out on top. ARE YOU? In the world of women’s wrestling, losers can always become champions, so who’s to say that that’s not the case for the divas of reality TV? Perhaps a few polls are in order to help us decide for ourselves reality’s true, baddest b*tches.


Take Real Housewives of NYC Ramona Singer and Aviva Drescher. The two famously battled during season 5. Ramona is a certifiable lunatic, and you never know what she’s capable of doing with a little Pinot Grigio in her system. But then again, Aviva is totally frightening when she gets angry. I mean, girl’s got crazy eyes.

The Mob Wives season 3 finale saw some bloodshed at the fake nails of Carla, with Love being the victim (even though she was the one who threw down the gauntlet for no particular reason), but if the two were to go at it again, we really wonder who would’ve won. They’re both boss ass b*tches.

When it comes to girl-on-girl fights, Angelina Pivarnick and “Snooki” Polizzi’s Seaside Heights living room showdown takes the cake. Angelina definitively lost the hair-pulling, panty-showing match (while sitting), but if they had another go at it, maybe she would’ve won? A mad woman is capable of anything.

Sharon Osbourne is the fiercest mama bear around. We all know that. So when bikini-clad contestant Megan Hauserman talked smack about the Prince of Darkness at the Rock of Love Charm School reunion, Queen Osbourne attacked. Security guards hauled Megan off the stage before the two could really go at it, but if no one had held her back, there’s a chance she could’ve dominated the older lady. So who ya got—famewhore or ballistic mum?

And for more of reality TV’s baddest b*tches, tune into E! Sundays at 10/9 c for Total Divas.