Bieber’s Neighbor Is Mad at Him Again

The turf war rages on.

Justin Bieber has left his neighbor — you know, the one the singer allegedly spat on — fuming after the singer threw one of his infamous all-night parties at his Calabasas mansion.

TMZ reports Biebs’ neighbor called the cops on the Canadian crooner three times between the hours of 1 to 5:30 a.m. to complain about the noise. After deputies arrived at Bieber’s house for the third time, the neighbor filed a police report against the 19-year-old for disturbing the peace. According to the neighbor, the police had told him they smelled marijuana inside the home during one of their visits but made no arrests.

Previously, a resident in Bieber’s community told Celebuzz that the young pop star has become quite the nuisance to those who live around him.

“He drives 100 miles an hour down the street. It sounds like an airplane,” a resident, who wished to remain anonymous, told us. “And he hides behind his bodyguards when people come after him. He’s a coward.”

“The problem is nobody’s caught him on videotape yet. That’s why the police aren’t doing anything,” the neighbor added. “I guess our word is not good enough.”

Bieber is currently in the middle of a five-day break from his Believe Tour. He will be back on the road Nov. 18 for his Mexico City performances before heading to New Zealand and Australia.