If You Haven’t Noticed, the Mother Monster Likes Getting Naked a Lot

She was born this way. Like, literally.

Not one to be shy about her body, Lady Gaga is definitely comfortable with appearing in her birthday suit. Whether she’s posing for a magazine or meditating to kick her marijuana habit, the Mother Monster seems to be taking it all off these days. (Hey, it’s not like it’s a bad thing.)

In fact, Gaga has even stripped down for the cover art of her latest album. With nothing but her long blonde locks and artist Jeff Koons’ famous blue “gazing ball” covering her ladybits, the “Applause” singer’s naked body has now been forever immortalized as a work of artpop.

So, you go and do your thang, girl.

Launch the gallery above to see all of the other times the songstress has went buck naked.