So, Will Josh Hutcherson Be Playing All Seven Dwarves in the Live Action 'Snow White' Remake, Or... ?

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Photocall, Rome Film Festival
I mean, look, I am not the tallest guy on record, but just how short is Josh Hutcherson? Do you think he calls Tom Cruise for advice? Do you think being short gives him an advantage in the Hunger Games arena? Do you think Liam Hemsworth orchestrated this photo op to make himself look extra tall and hunky? Was Jennifer Lawrence in on it? So many questions, so few inches. Today's winning captions attempt to solve these great mysteries.

"stand according to height... from the tallest to the well not so tall" - Marilag

"There were 3 in the bed & the little one said.......roll over!!!" - Bexsta

"Lets all stand awkwardly together and look at different cameras on the red carpet!" - Cassandra

"Hahaha this looks like a family pic with a mom and dad and their little son" - Jaldhi

"It's almost like J.Law chopped her hair to remind Miley how she would've looked next to Liam" - Kezieno

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  • Michael Rodriguez
    Michael Rodriguez

    No offence i like Justins work but .. The article is right he looks a bit ridicioulesss next to jeniffer and Liam 0:-)

  • sibylle

    very ugly article, who gave you this column, did you bribe someone to have your stupid thoughts down here to outrage decent people, must be the only reason.

  • HK Meow
    HK Meow

    This is the most idiotic thing I have ever read. First off, It is rude and disrespectful to make fun of someone because of their height. He is not even that short it is only that Jen and Liam are very tall. Second off, your comments are extremely offensive. Making fun of his height and her hair style. Jens hair, now short, is not anything like Mileys. Mileys hair is done in a upright fashion while Jennifers is down in a low-cut down style do. Please do not make offensive comments unless you know it will not offend anyone or anything. Also please reconsider writing just plain rude articles over Actors and Actresses.

  • Claire Gaudet
    Claire Gaudet

    this is the stupidest thing I have ever seen