Ariana Grande Covers the Christmas Classic, ‘Last Christmas’

It’s a very merry Christmas indeed for Ariana Grande fans. The singer will be releasing one new Christmas song every Tuesday until Christmas Eve. Today, she released her first Christmas song, a cover of WHAM!‘s classic, “Last Christmas.”

Grande has put her own spin on it, adding this intro, “I hate that I remember / I wish I could forget / What you did last December / You left my heart a mess/ Boy, you blew it / How could you do it.” Take a listen here:

As for why she chose this particular song, Grande told MTV earlier this month: “Well, I love it. It feels good. But it has a melancholy lyric, so I like that, it’s interesting and it seems to be one of the favorites that everyone loves and we put a really fun twist on it. We took the chorus and then we rewrote the verses and all that stuff, very excited.”