Koala, the Newest Kardashian, Is, Perhaps, the Kutest of Them All

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Reality TV show idea: Keeping Up With the Koalas. Follow a family of koalas as they experience ups (launching a line of socks designed for koala feet) and downs (eucalyptus famine). Someone with better people skills please pitch this to E! and/or Animal Planet. Cameo by Brody Jenner subject to change depending on budget. We all know that reality TV is actually scripted, so we’ll need some writers. How about the authors of today’s fine winning captions?!

“So ummm you come here often?” – Abby

“Hey Koala starts with a “K”, maybe you can join our family. What do you think” – Tonya

“Are y’all getting the picture of him grabbing my butt, are yall???!!!!” – Daniela

“After all those lingerie models and reality stars, i have finally found true love from a natural beauty.” – Rene

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