Could Courtney Stodden Be the Next Lady Gaga?

Yeah, yeah, we all know what you’re saying. But don’t shoot the messenger.

The producer who turned Stefani Germanotta into Lady Gaga wants to work his music magic with everyone’s favorite teen bride.

“I’m feeling what’s going on with Courtney,” Rob Fusari told Celebuzz.

“I think it comes off real in a quirky way. I think she’s going for it and I’m into that 100 percent.”

Gaga and Fusari were a couple in and out of the studio, but their good romance went bad when Fusari filed a lawsuit claiming he not only came up with her stage name, but co-wrote some of the Grammy Award-winner’s songs, including “Paparazzi.” Only he never saw the royalties. Well, Gaga countersued until they both dropped their legal battles against each other in 2010.

And now the soon-to-be ex Mrs. Doug Hutchison could be his next platinum blonde music muse.

“Of course, I would get in the studio with her and vibe to see if there is any type of creative marriage,” he added.

As for Fusari’s former muse, their legal rumblings are water under the bridge and he only has love for her newest album, ArtPop.

“I’m diggin’ the new Gaga material,” he said. “I think she is pretty consistent and giving her fans something interesting and unique. An artist has to constantly reinvent themselves and I think she is great at doing so.”

We know Stodden’s foray into music video scene with “Reality” is no “Applause” masterpiece, but it’s a start.

“I love Lady Gaga. I’m a complete Monster!” Stodden told CB! “‘Poker Face’ and ‘Paparazzi’ are two of my fave songs of all time.

“Her success is amazing and it’s well deserved. I’d be completely humbled and honored to work with the man behind Gaga’s success.”