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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is set to hit theaters this Friday, November 22. We get the feeling that we're not the only ones excited about this, so we're giving away a set of awesome Catching Fire swag! Read on for details on how to enter and what you could win.

How to Enter

1) Leave a comment on this post telling us what you love most about The Hunger Games (either the books or the movies).

2) Feel free to leave as many comments as you like; tell us ALL THE THINGS you love about The Hunger Games.

3) When leaving your comment, please make sure you are logged in using a valid email address. We will be contacting the winner via email next week.

4) Please note that we can only ship prizes to U.S. residents.

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What You'll Win

- The Hunger Games DVD

- Mockingjay Pin

- Katniss Capitol Portrait

- Peeta Capitol Portrait

- Finnick Capitol Portrait

- A Quarter Quell Poster

- Final Poster

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Remember, all you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment telling us what you love about The Hunger Games. Best of luck to everyone, and may the odds be ever in your favor!



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  • lizzieblain

    {part 2 of my comment!!} which consists of books magazines etc.i just recently saw the catching fire movie. it was amazing! i love the scene where they're on the beach and peeta tells katniss that she needs to win because theres no one else he loves besides her and she has her family. i cried at that part. anyway i love the hunger games so much and would love to win!

  • lizzieblain

    i love the hunger games so much! they are pretty much my life! i have read all thee books and have them all! i think the books are so inspirational. they kinda make you want to get up make a difference. the books are amazing. susan collins is such a great author like i can't even explain it! once i started reading the hunger games i couldn't put it down! i even have a hunger games collection which consists of books

  • kwilson887

    I love the positive messages it sends to women

  • seaniewalsh192

    My favorite part about the hunger games is how dynamic every character is. Characters who are one-dimensional creatures of the capitol in the first book transform into humans by the last, like Katniss' fashion team. Every character has a story arc, and every character has a back story, the whole series is just wonderfully written.

  • miki101001011

    My favorite part is when Peeta and Katniss win the Hunger Games!

  • theimaginetree

    My favorite part of the movie was the speeches Peeta and Katniss gave in District 11 during the Victory Tour.

  • Peter Gladue
    Peter Gladue

    strong female role model for young girls

  • lindsey102

    I dont know how I can possibly type everything I love about The Hunger Games. My favorite thing has to be the love that grows between Peeta and Katniss. It is the strongest love story that Ive heard. The whold face of Peeta sticking with Katniss through everything, no matter how much she disregarded him. The love that Peeta has for her is unbelievable. It makes me sit and think aboht how lucky she is to have a man who adores her. It melts my heart seeing the love he puts forth. The Hunger Games is so emotionally attaching and everytime I reread the series I just start again.

  • movieaddic

    Meaganlb you deserve to win if I don't win you should

  • meaganlb

    I love The Hunger Games so much. It is just so inspirational with romance and the fire. I would die to win all of these great prizes! I have a Hunger Games Collection and i am hoping to expand it. The Hunger Games is my life. I know who said what quote in every book and have read them all. I think Peeta is so perfect! Katniss is beautiful and her personality is just something you don't see much in a teenage girl. Most girls you would think make up and boys. But Katniss has something so special and she is my inspiration for it all. I have learned to shoot a bow and arrow from the inspiration of her. And i have learned so many life lessons form just how they act. The Hunger Games is my life and I would be so thankful if i did win the give away.

  • Ana Jackson Napier
    Ana Jackson Napier

    I love the Hunger Games because of the inspiring actions Katniss makes, she's so strong to not only sacrifice her life for her little sister but to also sacrifice her chances of being the only winner. Her actions show not to be selfish but to be able to get good things you have to be able to give. She thinks about everyone's outcome before she chooses what kind of actions to take.

  • mrsm

    I love The Hunger Games because of Katniss' self sacrifice, and the drama of her love triangle!

  • David Sandoval
    David Sandoval

    One last thing that I love is that katniss is willing to put her life in danger for being the Mockingjay I love her courage and dedication. I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!

  • David Sandoval
    David Sandoval

    One last thing that I love is the way katness is willing to put herself in danger just for being the Mockingjay I lobe the dedication and courage. I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!

  • David Sandoval
    David Sandoval

    The books ate amazing once I picked it up I couldnt put it down. I just had me hooked and the chapters would end and I would have to just keep going. I love how unique and sifferent it is. I knlw its futuristic but it also doent have make believe characters they are real people fighting amd I also the love Effie everything about her just is amazing. The way that they made peeta go from a boy baking bread to a hunger games victor. The capitols beauty and katnisses courage. The way she is willing to breack the laws ti feed her family the way she is willing to take her sister's spot. I alao love the love triangle between gale peeta and katniss. They tries there beat to get everything into a movie but they got the main point the plot. They didnt leave very important things out. Also the way that the mom cares for the hurt and sick people the way that cinna has designed the costumes. Through it all her prep team is by her side. The waybthey do katnisses make up. I just love the hunger games

  • David Sandoval
    David Sandoval

    The tributes are another thing that I love. The way that the gamemakers could alter and change the arena and the rules as much as they want. The dresses Katness wares are gorgeous also amd the way she cares for her family

  • David Sandoval
    David Sandoval

    I love the action and the twists and turns. I also the love Katniss amd Peeta share. The way that the arenas are desognes and the wordrobes. I also love the whole thing no question about it. The way Katniss volunteers for her sister and the way she made an alliance with rue. I just love everything about the hunger games!!!!

  • sammie16

    Loved the books and Jennifer Lawrence is incredible to watch on the big fun, heroic, and strong...and seeing Mr. Hemsworth is not such a bad thing

  • Kristi Mellark
    Kristi Mellark

    The book just gives off such a horrible idea of a possible future for us. It's so hard to imagine, yet so entertaining at the same time.

  • Bryce M. Jans
    Bryce M. Jans

    I love the everything from the characters to the tributes. When Harry Potter was ending, I let Hunger Games take over my life. This one certainly will always stick around and be a keeper.

  • Cory Thornton
    Cory Thornton

    The Politics of it all & how well written the book is

  • Elizabeth Goucher
    Elizabeth Goucher

    I just love the hunger games it has me gripped into it from the start there's never a minute that I think I don't want to c anymore I'm like oh my god . The characters are great I love katniss she is so brave to put her self forward to save her sister and she plays the game really well... I just love it going to c catching fire tonight

  • superlibraryan

    I love the story and the characters. Katniss Everdeen is the reluctant hero of the story that becomes the face of a revolution and to end the Hunger Games. I love the dynamic between President Snow and Katniss.

  • Anthony Carrera
    Anthony Carrera

    I love the Hunger Games for the parallelism of today's society on reality television everyone is so into the media and it consumes us. The Hunger Games really captures this essence and makes us rethink how society has changed.

  • hclrose

    I love all the Cast of Hunger Game all beautiful people..... Director and its very unique adventure movie that other movie doesn't have.....natural acting of Jennefer lauren makes her best actress again....because i was crazy about this movie my friends trick by Hanger game movie the comedy one when i got to the theater and they laugh on me.....and this is the only movie that follow since the first Asian i dont know if my grammar is correct but i did try my best to write a comment....Thank u so much....and i wish the best for favorite hunger Game Movie time if my friends will take me i will make sure that i will the spelling of the tittle or they gonna trick me again....Godbless

  • Amber Huntsman
    Amber Huntsman

    It is beautifully shot. The story tells of bravery, love, strength and standing up for what is right, no matter the cost. It's a strong message.

  • britav

    I love the hunger games because it gives you insight into a strong female character who had to grow up to young and faces issues of sexism and poverty and politics and mental illness and a whole host of very important issues

  • lilyvee09

    What I love about The Hunger Games is that the books and movie make you feel like you're actually there, fighting for your life. The descriptions and imagery feel/look so real, it's almost as if you were there. That's the thing about good books and movies, they transport you to a totally different world, and I love it!

  • Kim Farrens
    Kim Farrens

    I love the movies and the books because it is a unique story that shows the power of humanity in the time of ultimate struggle.

  • Amanda Marshall
    Amanda Marshall

    I love this story line. I gives another way at looking at life. It shows you that one person can change so many lives. It doesn't matter if you even realize it. You can find who you are even in the worst of situations. And it gives a real idea of love when you are a teenager. That not all girls dream of their happily ever after, but you can get it if you just let it happen. And you can survive anything even if you think that you can't.

  • Ornina Al Bazi
    Ornina Al Bazi

    Movie it's nothing from real life but will just take u to feel ur living with them ... I love jennifeeeeeer

  • Patricio Perez
    Patricio Perez

    I love the hunger games because it teaches me to never take any moment for granted and to enjoy my life to the greatest extent possible. Also it is just visually stimulating and an amazingly written story.

  • Jim Geddis
    Jim Geddis

    I like the way the first movie of the Hunger games turned out, it should be interesting on how catching fire turns out. I can't wait to see it.

  • Tonya Pinkerton
    Tonya Pinkerton

    It's fun and exciting with great visual effects and fantastic actors!

  • Marden Zelaya
    Marden Zelaya

    I love this saga because the books changed the way I look to society. The message of the story is very deep. It just makes me think how society is getting mean. I also love the romance and the suspense of it. I admire Suzanne Collins for writing this

  • Amy Jorgensen
    Amy Jorgensen

    I love the movie because it is not like any other. Intense and well written. I would love to win this for a friend of mine as a just because gift. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • veryinvisible

    I love the relationship of Katniss and Prim. How her love for prim over shadows absolutely everything and that she would do anything to protect her.

  • Mahdi Martin
    Mahdi Martin

    I love The Hunger games because it's so intense. In a way I think it mirrors what young people the world over have to deal with today.

  • Jordan James
    Jordan James

    I just love how exciting and unique it is!!!!

  • Melodi LadyRuger Mance
    Melodi LadyRuger Mance

    i love the huger games! its an amazing series. i love that katniss is the heroine and also always looking out for her family. i love that its a brilliant story of sacrifice and struggle to regain freedom. these are books i could read again and again.

  • Eva Biggs
    Eva Biggs

    I love the hunger games b/c its nothing i've ever seen before...I'm in the process of reading the books. I find the idea morbid, but its like a car crash. You just can't look away. And it is nice to see a strong female lead.

  • sassycassie

    I love the Hunger Games trilogy! They suck me in every time I read them. Suzanne Collins did such an amazing job creating such an inspirational protagonist who is pretty lethal with a bow and arrows. Not to mention that protagonist is a girl...that's quite a combo! Collins wrote the books in a way that it is so easy to feel and see what Kaniss is feeling every moment. You actually feel part of the world of Panem when reading and get lost in it. I also really like the movie, I think they did an excellent job following the books and it was great seeing the Hunger Games world come alive.

  • Darith Ly
    Darith Ly

    I love the books so much! They are well-written and thought-provoking. They're such page-turners. Suzanne Collins really developed an incredible world and her characters are profound and realistic. I also like the first movie! But I know the second movie will make me beg for the next two movies because it looks so incredible!

  • ambermiller86

    I love how the movie follows the book! not all movies do that, so it's nice to see :)

  • Leah Bowers
    Leah Bowers

    Movies need more strong female leads who not only provide fictional movie characters with hope, but real young women with hope as well. Katniss Everdeen is the epitome of grace and strength all in one bad-@$$ package.

  • movieaddic

    I like how in the book the districts are in future America and I love the pin

  • Victory Wynn
    Victory Wynn

    I love how the movie is just as good as the book and that the actors can really act unlike some of the other teen books turned movies that have recently came out.