How Taryn Manning Gets Into Character For ‘Orange is the New Black’

Last week, our friends over at The Frisky caught up with Orange is the New Black’s Taryn Manning during a dinner honoring celebrity colorist Beth Minardi.

Manning, who plays Evangelical meth head “Pennsatucky” on the Netflix series, talked about becoming the saddest little inmate at Litchfield Correctional Facility.

I think there’s actually a person in there, but she’s so far gone from drugs and the actual damage from taking methamphetamine, which is just, like, the most epically gnarly drug on the planet,” Manning said.

“I already knew it was terrible, but I really didn’t know all the ingredients until I started doing research for the role. I have the list of ingredients in my iPhone. When I’m really trying to understand where this girl is coming from, I just go look at that list of all the crap that’s in meth … it’s just beyond.”

To give the appearance of a meth addict, Manning has to wear waterproof makeup on her teeth, which can be a pain in the ass during lunch time.

“It comes off when I eat. So it’s in my food. It’s so gross. I brush my teeth before and after lunch and the makeup artist gets so mad because they have to reapply it, but I’m like, ‘You try and eat with this stuff on!’

“But some days, I’m so into the character, I’m like, “I’m not gonna eat lunch” because I don’t want to break character and have to have them reapply it. I think some of the crew gets worried — ‘Does Taryn eat?’ I’m like, ‘Hey guys, she’s a meth head!’ I eat, but I wait sometimes until I get home. Besides, I feel bad for the poor makeup ladies, having to redo my teeth multiple times.”

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