The Mindy Project’s Ed Weeks Knows the True Mark of a Man

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Last Wednesday, we caught up with The Mindy Project‘s Ed Weeks atGQ‘s “Men of the Year” awards.

What makes a man, you dashing British gentleman?

“I think modesty, confidence but also the ability to know when he’s wrong and to correct himself and to learn. And, people who are too stuck in their ways – whether in fashion or politics or anything like that — are never going to be a gentleman. I like kind, chivalrous gentleman behavior, I’m a big fan of that.”

And who, pray tell, who you have nominated for “Man of the Year?’

“Is it too late for me?  Then Ike Barinholtz [Weeks’ Mindy Project co-star].  “He’s certainly a man of the year. He paid me $14 to say that.”

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