Vince Vaughn Prepares Us for Inevitable Family Fights This Holiday Season

Vince Vaughn has read the minds of Americans traveling home to spend Thanksgiving with loved ones, offering advice on how to avoid fights that will inevitably begin on the way home from the airport.

During his appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman, the Delivery Man star explained that as one gets older, it’s wiser to avoid any and all words, phrases or facial expressions that would provoke an argument.

“Sometimes it’s easier to roll over on your back and let someone else be the big dog.  Give them the fire hydrant, whatever they want, and then take it on back from everyone else,” Vaughn added.


“There’s certain subjects, whether it’s politics or who was the best athlete of all-time.  Or, ‘I never yelled at you when you were younger,’ people remember things differently,” Vaughn said.

Letterman pointed out that airport pick-ups also have the potential for disaster.

“I find that to be an incubator for problems,” Vaughn noted.

Also, Buzzfeed made magical GIFs to go along with the conversation.

Delivery Man opens November 22nd.