Andy Cohen Had Lady Gaga’s Pee Made Into a Perfume

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Yes, you read that headline correctly.

While appearing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon this week, Bravo star Andy Cohen revealed he once had Lady Gaga‘s urine made into a perfume after he caught the “Applause” songstress peeing in the green room of his talk show, Watch What Happens Live.

“So [Lady Gaga] peed in a trash can in her dressing room,” he recalled of the mother Monster’s latest visit to his set. “It’s a long story, but she did. She said on her way out, ‘Look, I couldn’t get my way to the bathroom, I’m sorry’ — she’s a superstar, she’s Lady Gaga, she can pee wherever she wants as far as I’m concerned. And so I said to our PAs, ‘You guys, we gotta do something with Gaga’s pee. That’s a pop culture artifact. We could bottle that up and put it somewhere in the clubhouse.'”

He continued, “I have a PA named Ryan and he emailed me and goes, ‘Look, Gaga’s pee is going to go toxic.’ Not because it’s Gaga’s pee, but just pee goes toxic, apparently. But he found a recipe online where you can make it into something else using alcohol and stuff. He made it into perfume. So, we have it in a pretty bottle. I know, it’s kind of gross, but that is a pop culture artifact, if you ask me. That is going to be worth something.”

Um, sure. I don’t know what’s more disturbing: the fact that Gaga pulled a Justin Bieber or that pee perfume actually exists in the world.