It’s Funny to Britney Spears Because She Flushes More Money Down Starbucks Toilets Daily

Britney Spears’ new album, Britney Jean: $11.99. Britney’s latest fragrance, “Island Fantasy”: $34.00. Britney’s annual Starbucks expenditures: $26,784 on coffee, $14,877 for flushing down the toilet. Today’s winning captions: $1 million to have your caption featured that’s right I take bribes priceless.

“Mo money mo money for this honey!
Throw me a dollerrr and i make you hollar.
When you scream my name
You’ll know im insane
But you wont forget me
Cus i am BRITNEY!!!!” – Bertha

“Live, laugh, love and make it rain…” – Heidy

“Britney watches in wonder as all her mandated mental stay slips are thrown in the air….she’s finally sane again!” – Beulah

“You want a Maserati? You want a roof party? You betta WERK B**CH!” – Murny


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