Donald Glover Just Invited the Whole Internet to His House Party

Donald Glover
In celebration of his new album, Donald Glover is throwing a house party and he's invited a very special guest: you. Glover's rapping alter-ego, Childish Gambino, is releasing a new album on Dec. 10. Instead of touring stadiums, he's touring homes, and he's inviting a select few strangers off the street.

"I can’t invite everyone, so leave your name, email, phone and zip after the jump," Glover wrote on his Tumblr. "The few people I can invite will be notified by phone so we can let you know the address."

The winners are to be chosen at random, so there's not really a good chance that you'll actually get the invite. But why not try? Mercury's out of retrograde, today could be your lucky day!

See some of Childish's lyrics on Directlyrics.



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  • Brett Marks
    Brett Marks

    This is so cool of Childish Gambino! I can't wait until Because the Internet is released. Check out his awesome video on The Arsenio Hall Show for Shadows!!


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