Here’s Another Trailer for NBC’s ‘The Sound of Music’

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“We’re not trying to remake the movie,” Laura Benanti urges in this new trailer for NBC’s televised live production of The Sound of MusicPlease do not expect Julie Andrews, she’s begging. Julie Andrews will not be here. And so sets the tone for the second trailer for The Sound of Music which seems to have been shot for the express purpose of lowering expectations. Who knows what will go wrong, the cast urges. Please, oh please, don’t expect perfection.

At least we finally get to hear Stephen Moyer sing in this one. And it sounds like he’s got a lovely singing voice! In fact, nothing really looks amiss here, all the actors are clearly talented. But their repeated insistence that this won’t be the movie seems like some sort of foreboding pre-apology. But maybe it’ll be great! There’s only one way to find out. Just remember, Julie Andrews won’t be there.