Paula Deen Accused of Using Sweatshop Labor Manufacturers

Paula Deen just can’t catch a break.

The TV chef who faced a racial discrimination lawsuit that destroyed her empire is coming under fire yet again. Only this time, for allegedly using sweatshop labor to line her multi-million dollar pocketbook.

RadarOnline claims the silver haired Southern cook used factories in Third World areas of India that exploit cheap labor and even harsher conditions.

Specifically, it claims Paula Deen candles were produced by the Primacy Industries factory in Mangalore from 2009 to 2011 that was destroyed in a fire caused by a complete disregard for safety standards, according to The Hindu. In addition to substandard conditions, the workers have also revealed pitiful wages amounting to a mere $37 a month. One employee also claimed that after seven years of dutiful work his salary only increased $8, according to the newspaper.

The site also claims to have uncovered information that glass containers for Paula Deen candles were manufactured at the Hind Glass Industries factory in Firozabad, an area infamous for its child labor market, according to reports.

And in China, the online tabloid claims 20 factories have shipped Deen products to the U.S.

Back Stateside, Deen can’t escape the controversy either when Smithfield Foods, who partnered with the former Food Network star’s brand up until they fired her amid her N-word scandal, was the target of a 2005 Human Rights Watch report due to hazardous work conditions.

A request for comment from Deen has not been returned.