Sex with Jeremy Piven Was “Not That Memorable”: Get to Know Sarah Tressler, Your Celebrity Blabbermouth

The men of Entourage definitely have a way with the ladies on and off the small screen. But when it comes to Jeremy Piven, he’s got some work to do in the seduction department.

That is, according to an ex lover who spilled his bedroom secrets.

Former fling Sarah Tressler opened up to Star about her brief dalliance with the 48-year-old comedian.

And for someone who claims the rendezvous happened five years ago and it really wasn’t anything special, she sure does remember a lot.

But by what happened (or didn’t happen, for that matter) between the sheets, I guess we can’t blame her.

“He didn’t really make much of an effort to seduce me,” she told the mag. “It was all kind of awkward and mundane… not that memorable or very good. Not very kinky.”


The 31-year-old journalist allegedly met Mr. Selfridge while interviewing him for his Broadway play Speed-the-Plow in 2008 when his snark turned into flirtation.

“Most of his answers were very sarcastic and not usable — but even so, I could feel the chemistry between us. He made me laugh,” Tressler said.

And when she wasn’t wrapped up in his bed sheets, she was “wrapped up in the magic of it all.”

It only took one text and it was all down hill from there. Until the real Piven came out that was eerily similar to his ruthless on-camera persona.

“He was picked for the Ari Gold role for a reason,” Tressler said. “He is a natural at that arrogant, overconfident, over-the-top role. He has to restrain himself from being nasty, sarcastic and disparaging about people.

“He’s worse than Ari.”

And there was plenty of that same snide left for his fans, one of whom tried to get an autograph: “He told me afterward the guy was ‘too fat to be in his personal space,’” she recalled.

Piven even snapped at her when she tried to engage in “witty banter.”

“If you’re going to look for someone to spar with, I can put you right back on the street,” he allegedly told her, and got rid of her quick when one day she showed up at the theatre and found another woman waiting for him.

“She was taller, blonder, tanner and layered with expertly applied makeup,” said Tressler.

“When we were walking out of the theatre, Jeremy asked his assistant, ‘Can we get her a key to the apartment?’”