Simon Cowell is a Stage Dad-to-Be

The X Factor mogul says his unborn child will compete against Kelly Clarkson's unborn child.

Oh, Simon. Please stop projecting your massive ego onto your unborn son. The uber producer and multimillionaire has laid down the gauntlet on his baby's behalf. His foe? Former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson ... well, her daughter that is.

The 54-year old first time father-to-be, who is expecting a son with current paramour Lauren Silverman, predicted to People at Jaguar’s introduction of the new F-type coupe Tuesday night that “[They'll be] competing against each other in a competition. I can see it now … I’m thinking 15 years ahead,” Simon declared.

The X Factor judge, who managed to escape somewhat unscathed from the baby-daddy scandal (Lauren was married at the time of their indiscretion) actually had very positive things to say about his former protégé.

“I’m happy for her because she’s a great girl. Some of these contestants on [American Idol] can change a bit over the years, [but] she’s a really nice person and she remembers how the show gave her a break.”

Aww, going soft already Cowell?



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  • tonyspinklaurel

    what if Simon's son wants nothing to do with the entertainment industry and ends up being a teacher or a pilot as for example Ben Clark is an American airlines pilot going a complete 180 from his long theatrical heritage correct he's Lynn Redgrave's son and the Redgrave family goes back 175 years in the theatrical professions including one academy award winner his aunt Vanessa or two if you count her ex husband Tony Richardson and two other nominees as In his grandfather sir Michael and his mother Lynn