Brittany Murphy’s Father: “I Intend to Take Any Necessary Steps to Get Justice”

Brittany Murphy’s father, Angelo Bertolotti, won’t rest until those he believes were involved in his daughter’s death are brought to justice.

After the LA County Coroner’s Office concluded the Clueless actress died of natural causes in 2009, his dissatisfaction of the findings led to his own investigation into the real reason behind her untimely passing.

Since he hired a company to conduct an independent study, he claims the lab results released this week prove foul play and he’ll go to any lengths to get the case re-opened, he tells Celebuzz.

“The findings confirmed my longstanding suspicions that Brittany and Simon were poisoned,” he told CB! “Their symptoms pointed to that all along.

“The Los Angeles Coroner never tested Brittany’s and Simon’s remains for any poisons and toxins and refused to do so.”

The actress’s father, along with family friend Julia Davis who’s assisting Bertolotti in opening a new case, says he’s submitted formal requests for re-investigation into the deaths of Murphy and her husband, Simon Monjack, to the coroner and LA police on Nov. 16.

“I want the coroner to re-open the inquest and finally conduct proper autopsies. I also want their deaths investigated by the authorities.”

Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter confirms his office did receive a document from Angelotti, but needs additional documentation in order to determine if more testing is appropriate.

However, this is news to Bertolotti.

“The coroner’s office did not ask us for any other paperwork. We e-mailed them all and asked for answers and for a meeting. No one responded.”

But he won’t remain silent.

“If the coroner continues to refuse to do the right thing, I intend to take any necessary steps to get justice for Brittany,” he said. “In short, whatever it takes means exactly that,” he said. “Whether it requires new legal action, an independent autopsy, exhumation — we’ll continue moving forward until Brittany receives proper, complete autopsy she never had.” 

He even claims to be in talks with one of America’s highest-profile forensic experts, Dr. Cyril Wecht, who’s been associated with some of the world’s most notorious deaths. Anna Nicole Smith hired Wecht to perform a second autopsy on her 20-year-old son and he has worked on major cases from Jon Benet Ramsey to President Kennedy’s assassination.

Wecht tells Celebuzz he did get an email from Bertolotti Thursday about getting his input in the case.

“I told him I’m quite willing and available to consult,” said Wecht. “But due to the complexities of the case and records and documentation to review, he will need to have an attorney contact me.”

Wecht, who reviewed the Murphy’s autopsy report four years ago, added that given any new findings the test should be repeated by the county for validation before going to the extreme of exhuming the bodies.

But, as for who would want to harm the 32-year-old star, that remains a mystery. Angelotti has his own theories, but he plans to share those only with investigators, for now.

“As far as our suspicions as to who might have wanted to harm Britt and Simon and why,” he said, “we will be happy to share our thoughts and corresponding evidence with the authorities.”