Josh Brolin Is Headed to Rehab

Seeking help with a substance abuse problem, Josh Brolin has reportedly checked into a rehab facility in northern California. According to Us Weekly, Brolin is seeking help specifically for a dependence on alcohol.

The news comes after Brolin was caught on camera in two drunken altercations over the weekend. The first, recorded by TMZ cameras outside O’Briens Irsh Pub in Santa Monica, shows Brolin and a bouncer in a fistfight in the middle of the street. The second video, taken just hours before, shows Brolin screaming at a cab driver while in the drive-thru line at Los Angeles Del Taco. Brolin was also arrested for public intoxication on New Year’s of this year.

According to an Us “source,” Brolin “realized he needed help and is committed to his sobriety.”

In fact, this Monday Brolin told TMZ cameras that he was done drinking for good. After a paparazzi asked him if he regretted his behavior over the weekend, Brolin said: “Absolutely, it won’t be happening again. … That’s it. Completely done.”

With this latest step he’s made it clear that he intends to keep that promise. Best of luck to him.