21 Things Miley Cyrus Has Already Done That Normal People Would Be Doing On Their 21st Birthdays

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The big 2-1 is normally a milestone birthday filled with crazy antics, but that isn’t the case for Miley Cyrus. Between simulating sex acts and getting high, it feels like the former Disney princess has been “celebrating her 21st” for years now.

In honor of the twerk-happy songstress actually celebrating her 21st birthday today, we’re taking a look back at all the things that the young songstress has managed to accomplish all before enjoying her first legal drink.

1. Throw a crazy house party.

2. Have a cake fight.

3. Where something like this out…

4. …Or this.

5. Do karaoke.

6. Flash someone.

7. Get buck naked for no apparent reason.

8. Cry.

9. Grope a friend.

10. Grope yourself.

11. Spank someone.

12. Twerk on a friend.

13. Twerk on someone creepy.

14. Get into a fight.

15. Forget to wear a bra.

16. Make a face like this for the camera.

17. Make out with someone.

18. Make out with an inanimate object.

19. Get grills.

20. Spend all day in bed.

21. Smoke.