Miley Cyrus Got All She Could Want on Her Birthday… Find Out What It Is

What do you get the girl who has everything?

Miley Cyrus has a hit album, rockin’ new style (barely-there eyebrows included) and legions of twerk-loving fans (over 15 million on Twitter alone!)

So when it came to celebrating the big 2-1 b-day milestone, what did she get that made the special day that much more special?

Forget diamonds are a girl’s best friend. In Cyrus’ case, it’s all about man’s best friend.

“All I could want on my birthday,” she wrote on Twitter of her four furry friends passed out on her bed.

And the lovefest continued on Sunday with her fur babies who cheered the singer up after news surfaced her home was broken into on Friday.

And the wet kisses kept getting better.

“I love him so f**king much I can’t stand it,” she wrote.

He’s her “best friend,” she added.

Only the morning snuggle ended with a case of “crazy” bed head.