Britney Spears’ Little Sister Has a New Song, Too: Listen to Jamie Lynn Spears’ ‘How Could I Want More’

Things are happening in the Spears household.

Aside from 2013 being the year of Britney Spears (sorry Beyonce), the Princess of Pop’s little sis — Jamie Lynn Spears — has dropped a new single after a two-year hiatus from music. Titled “How Could I Want More,” the country track has the former Zoey 101 star singing about her love giving her everything she’s ever wanted.

“Treats me like a princess, lets me have it my way /I Could tell he’s hanging with every word that I say/ All he does is love me, he swears that’s what he’s here for,” Jamie Lynn croons. “So, how could I want more? How could I want more?” Lyrics for the song are now Directlyrics.

Recently, Britney announced that Jamie Lynn will also be featured on her forthcoming album in a sisterly duet titled “Chillin’ With You.” (Which probably explains why the cover art to JL’s new single looks eerily similar to Britney Jean.)

Take a listen to Jamie Lynn’s latest musical effort, below.