Jennifer Lawrence and Her Controversial Haircut Had a Wee Lil’ Red Carpet Meltdown

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I’m no doctor, but I have diagnosed Jennifer Lawrence with a little thing I like to call The Hanger, which is not a thing you hang your jacket on but rather a portmanteau of the words “hungry” (LOL get it?) and “anger.” What brought on this episode, you ask? Oh, the usual: annoying paparazzi, flashing lights, having to answer the same questions 1,000,000 times, and the fact that she had to wait all weekend to read the winning captions for this photo.

“they cut all your hair off 
jennifer: THEY DID WHAT” – Maria

Why did you chop all my hair off!! I said just a trim!!!” – Amanda


“its called the hunger games I AM HUNGRY” – Nelia

“Ac-ac-ACHOO!” – Greta

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