Surprise! Miley Cyrus Gets a $25K Motorcycle from Billy Ray on Her Birthday

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Talk about a whirlwind weekend.

Miley Cyrus performed with a lip-syncing cartoon cat, celebrated her big 2-1 and got a birthday present from her dad that she’ll never forget.

After buying a cool Cam-Am Spyder Limited ST three-wheel motorcycle for himself, Billy Ray Cyrus decided a pimped out ride is exactly what he wanted to get his little girl who’s already got everything.

And Celebuzz has all the new pics and design details.

“It was a birthday surprise. She didn’t know it was coming and he wanted it a secret,” Cam-Am rep Chaz Rice told CB! of Billy Ray’s super special request.

And it didn’t come cheap. About $25,000, to be exact. 

The gift was kept under wraps for a month until the customizing was complete, including her initials ‘MC’ in gold on the pearl white frame and helmet, and she was ready to unwrap it Nov. 23.

“[Billy Ray] thought being a father there’s a safety platform with the stability of the three wheels,” Rice added, “but it still has the motorcycle feel Miley would like.”

Get an exclusive up close and personal look at Miley’s hot wheels in the CB! gallery above.