Boston Kids Standing Up for Their Bullied Friend Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Last week, a group of Bridgewater, MA kids were featured on a local newscast after standing up for their friend, Danny, who was bullied for wearing a sports jacket and tie to school.

Danny, who suffered a brain aneurism at birth and has a speech impediment, is a water boy for the Williams School football team, and when the players found out a few kids were picking on their friend, they acted quickly.

We thought we would all have a day to dress up like Danny to show him that we love him very much,” one kid named Tommy told WCVB’s Jack Harper.

His mother told Harper that when Danny went to bed that night, he cried because he “felt so loved.”

Harper, whose career spans more than thirty years, hasn’t been this touched by a story in some time.  “I have probably done 20 thousand sound bites,” Harper wrote in an email.  “That boy Tommy is among my top ten all time!  Beautiful kid.”

This Thanksgiving, Danny will be an honorary captain and water boy for Bridgewater-Raynham high school game.