Britney Spears is in Love with David Lucado, Ya’ll

After breaking off her engagement to Jason Trawick, Britney Spears has found love with David Lucado, a man the Daily Mail once nicknamed “Everyday Dave.”

I’m in love,” Spears told Entertainment Tonight.

“I like the fact that [Lucado is] very stubborn and he’s stuck in his ways,” she added. “He’s just a simple man. I adore him. He’s really funny and he’s really passionate. I love the fact that anything he’s involved in he’s passionate about and it’s contagious.”

Spears met the Atlanta native through friends, but dad Jamie Spears ran a background check on him just in case.

“My dad’s a little crazy like that,” Spears said.

Lucado, who was born in Virginia, but raised in Atlanta, currently works at a law firm in Los Angeles, according to E!

Meanwhile, Spears’ Planet Hollywood residency begins on December 27th.

“I’ve done two tours in the past three years and it’s so grueling being on the road and staying in a different bed every night, the schedule is insane,” Spears said.  “I just thought it would be ideal to have one place that I could go to and I could just travel back and forth to my home and [Las Vegas] and to have a show. It just felt like the ideal thing to do. So, I’m really excited about it. It’s going to be different, but I’m excited.”