Oh, to Be the R. Kelly Meat in this Lady Gaga/Taylor Swift Sandwich...

Do what u want, whatchu want with my Lady Gaga (BUY ARTPOP!)

Do what u want, whatchu want with my R. Kelly (BUY BLACK PANTIES!)

Do what u want, whatchu want with my Taylor Swift (DATE A MEMBER OF ONE DIRECTION!)

Do what u want, whatchu want with today's winning captions (READ 'EM BELOW!)

"Girl and then he just peed on me!! But can you believe he was shocked and embarrassed when I peed on him back?? " - Jennifer

"Gaga confesses she used to have a penis.." - Abby

"Gaga- anyone seen my white horse? I lost my horse! Taylor- uhmm i don't do drugs sorry... R.kelly- honey I'll be ur black horse...wait how old r u?" - Tasia

"Gaga: Do you think they seated us by the length of our skirts?" - Molly

"Omg! Did you see that cat sing?" - Deanna

"Praise jesus, it's rainin' little white women. My prayers have been answered." - Mandi

"Calm down ladies. I can pee on y'all too" - Wendy

"He did what with your body?" - Kayla

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