Dina Eastwood Tries to Explain Stepdaughter Francesca’s Quickie Wedding

Francesca Eastwood’s just a goofball.

Which would explain her impromptu “I do’s” last weekend in Las Vegas to Jonah Hill’s bro, Jordan Feldstein.

At least, that’s how her stepmom describes her.

In a sit-down with Bethenny Frankel, Dina tries to equate drunkenly walking down the aisle to the rush of jumping out of an airplane or base-jumping.

“She’s an adrenaline junkie,” said Dina. “She’s a lovely, smart amazing person who will do a goof off at a whim.”

And Clint’s kids aren’t into publicity stunts for attention (so that time when Francesca’s Birkin burning made headlines didn’t count.)

“So she calls me and says, ‘I didn’t think anyone would find out.’ Are you sh***** me!? Like, what are you doing!? Get home,” said Dina. “I just want to ring her neck, but I am going to hug her, too.”

It’s been reported that Francesca and Jordan, who happens to also be Maroon 5’s manager, partook in some serious boozing in Sin City and then had the most cliche wedding possible. Now, after regret has set in, an annulment is next.

“She says no drinking, but she’s 20 so, of course, she tells her stepmom no drinking,” said Dina, who’s going though her own split right now after filing for divorce from the 83-year-old acclaimed director after 17-years of marriage. “What are you thinking!?

“I do think annulment, yes, is occurring as we sit on the couch.”

Watch more of Dina’s chat with Bethenny in the video above.