Kanye West on Kim Kardashian: “Our Love Story’s a Love Story for the Ages”

Kanye West is in love and he isn’t afraid to talk about it.

Appearing on New York radio station Hot 97, the rapper recently opened up about his “wife for life” Kim Kardashian, revealing that he’s been sending her love poems — and subsequently during those love poems into hits like 2010’s “Lost In the World” — for years.

Our love story’s a love story for the ages,” he said.

“I felt like when we first got together, it was like a Romeo and Juliet kinda thing where it’s like she’s a reality star and I’m a rapper, and people talking about how our brands connect and what doesn’t fit and I’m just so tired of the conversation of brands,” he told DJ Angie Martinez.

Like Meatloaf though, West would do anything for love but he won’t do that. (And in the case, that means appearing on ladylove’s reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians.)

“I don’t really do her show just because I don’t particularly like the way the producers shoot some of the shots. I’m very meticulous to that, right? I like to get a different [director of photography] or whatever,” he explained. “And when we got engaged, I made sure the show was there [filming] because I felt like that was something that would make her happy. Regardless of how it was shot, I felt like this is a moment she would like to have and would like to share, and just have that documented. And we could decide later or not to air it.”

“He’s the most amazing dad ever,” Kardashian, who was accompanying her beau that day, added. “It’s really cute to see him with [our daughter] together.”