‘We Are SO Amused’ Is Prince William’s New ‘We Are Not Amused’

I thought it was, like, the Royal Code for the royals to be all like, “We are not amused!” But Prince William looks very amused? And by something so simple as a toy albatross? The conspiracy theorist in me is wondering if he even is royal at all. You’re not fooling me, “Duke of Cambridge!” I know your secrets! I am going to sell them to the paps, along with today’s winning captions, which you can find after the jump. Excuse me while I enjoy being super rich.

“Yes, its a boy” – Candice

“Me and the misses shall have fun tonight.” – Andrea

“*English accent* What is this absurd thing, a toy? I never played with toys, only cufflinks & crowns….” – Haley

“Mine is bigger…” – Michael

“Why would someone get this for me? Just smile and look like you love it!” – Jennifer

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