Kanye West Slams Kate Upton, Says Kim Kardashian Is the New Marilyn Monroe

When it comes to this generation's most iconic buxom bombshell, Kanye West doesn't think that title belongs to two-time Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton.

Going on yet another rant -- this on lasting a whopping 42 minutes -- this, the rapper slammed the bikini model on Power 105's Breakfast Club radio show, telling listeners his girl, Kim Kardashian, is a more deserving to channel Marilyn Monroe on the cover of Vanity Fair's 100th issue than the bikini model.

"I have a love-hate relationship with the paparazzi, but actually I love them because they are empowering us. They are empowering us over Vanity Fair that want to say that Kate Upton is Marilyn Monroe. Kate Upton ain't Marilyn Monroe, Kim is Marilyn Monroe," he said.

Please note, this is also the same guy that said: "My daughter is in a position of a level of royalty like the prince and princess in London."

Sure. A Hollywood spawn certainly holds the same power as the future king of England. Okay.

Watch his full rant, above.



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  • mikeg1202

    he is so fuckin full of himself, just shut up already. he was so much better back when he first came out cause he was humbled, he realized music was bigger than him. ever since he decided he was bigger than music and pretty much the world at large, thats when we ran into trouble with his ego. and now he has kim, it just completed his "i own the world" mentality cause he thinks he has the last princess by his side. "i want you to understand what im going thru!" OMG poor you...with ur millions of dollars and all those platinum records and ur supermodel wife...nike gave u a clothing line thats gonna net u another billion dollars but didnt give you an EXACT release date??!!!?? damn, what a struggle! WE FEEL FOR YOU MAN THATS A FUCKIN ROUGH SITUATION YOU GOT THERE! YOU ARE GOD, NO ONE TELLS YOU TO WAIT! YOU TELL NIKE TO WAIT ON YOU!

  • Michael Rouprich
    Michael Rouprich

    The most ignorant person on earth it is a joke every time this dumb nigra opens his mouth

  • jacksteen

    This talent-free leech thought that by marrying the hairy-backed Armenian princess, he'd be cementing his lazy lifestyle forever. Not quite. The new Marilyn ? Nah. The new Milton Berle - only she smokes dick instead of cigars.

  • maisgar

    Kanye Kardashian thinks that tearing others down bring him up, that's not how it works, you're wearing on everyone's nerves about now.

  • bluelotus1

    he's right, Kim is the new Marilyn. Can't sing, can't act, and is famous for bedding everyone....enough said. Kanye,...go sit down somewhere!.....ur mom is turning over...smh..

  • chuckt

    I just don't know what to say, except, pass me the crack pipe bro...I didn't know that Marilyn Monroe slobbed on the knob, and showed her booty getting banged, on camera, or that she had fake boobs, a fake butt, and work done on her face.

  • david95

    Marilyn Monroe is Marilyn Monroe. Kate Upton is Kate Upton and Kim Kardashian is Kim Kardashian. What is this moron smoking?

  • promotionals

    turlk ass hole. promotional items for promotions on maxwisdompromotions.com

  • notafan

    I just don't know what this man wants. He has money, does he want more? He has celebrity, does he want more? Will he not be happy until everyone in the world is kissing his ass? And for what? He is the most un-authentic person I've seen.

  • Elizabeth Aspen
    Elizabeth Aspen

    I agree 100% that Kim is the new Marilyn Monroe! A self-absorbed fake blonde with seriously low self-esteem issues that lead her to pick the worst men in the world to hook up with. You go, "Marilyn" - we're all waiting with bated breath for your suicide! Just don't forget to film it for your stupid show.

  • rjc222

    After Watching this I actually love Kanye, he is really intelligent and what he says makes sense. People do just hate on him, I didn't like him until watching this interview. :-)

  • TiffHoney Marie
    TiffHoney Marie

    How did you get a job writing about popular culture? The prince & princess have no more power than Kim & Kanye. This is what Kanye is talking about in terms of classism. This whole article is an example of classism. Your making one way of life or culture superior to another. The only thing the royals have over Kanye is white privilege. I guess Kate Upton is more Marilyn like because she better fits European standards of beauty, resembles Marilyn more?

  • Peter Filebear
    Peter Filebear

    Nigga just don't like the white bitch. What wrong wit dat? The white bitch just ain't slutty enough. Damn conservative Caucasians GTFH! Fake tan bitches be all up ons this dick.