How to Conquer Black Friday in Comfort & Style

You may already be standing in line at your nearest Target waiting for the madness to ensue, in which case we can’t really help you. BUT… If you’re planning to head out into the craziness at some point tomorrow, you must consider your outfit ahead of time.

There are five of the most important things to think about when planning what to wear on Black Friday:

  1. Comfort. You’re not going to want to wear your favorite leather pants on this day. Think about how many hours you’ll be out and about, and dress accordingly.
  2. Reliable shoes. For the first time EVER I’ll have to suggest to step away from the stilettos. You’ll definitely want to rock a pair of your post comfortable shoes or boots. I know I’ll probably end up wearing my running shoes to ensure an extra boost when racing down the aisles. ;-)
  3. Warmth. You’ll most likely be standing in lines, and if you’re outdoors you need to make sure you don’t get sick! The last thing you need is a runny nose with a long list of Black Friday shopping to get done. Don’t forget your coat at home!
  4. Layers. Even though you want to stay warm, you don’t want to get too warm while running from aisle to aisle, store to store. Make sure you pack on the layers, and take off pieces accordingly. I’d say layer a flannel and a scarf underneath your coat!
  5. Style. Above all, LOOK CUTE! My motto for shopping is: if I look good, I’ll feel good and therefore I’ll shop good, too! ;-)

Launch the gallery above for some of our favorite celebrity on-the-go looks!