This Disgusting Miley Cyrus Turkey GIF Is Our Way of Saying ‘Happy Thanksgiving!’

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Editor’s Note: If you are viewing this on the front page, do yourself a favor and click into the post. It twerks! It really twerks!

The staff of Celebuzz, with a little help from Miley Cyrus, wishes every single one of our readers a very, very happy Thanksgiving-slash-regular-Thursday-if-you-don’t-celebrate-American-Thanksgiving. May your day be filled with friends, family, (lots of) alcohol, and some delicious twerkey turkey.

We would normally celebrate Thursday with another edition of Celebrity Meme Roundup, but for today, this horrifying GIF will have to suffice. Should it haunt your dreams, take comfort in the fact that it’s haunting ours too.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!