Did Lady Gaga Reveal ARTPOP Tour Plans Or Was She Just Being Gaga?

Lady Gaga hasn’t had the best of times promoting her underappreciated new album ARTPOP, but we’re sure fans will still flock to the stadiums when she inevitably launches a new tour. The thing is, she might already be testing fans to see how they feel about the ideas floating around in her noggin.

Mother Monster is currently promoting her newest effort in Japan and she has, as she normally does, adapted her style for the Japanese Monsters. The question is, are those Harajuku influences here to stay?

The songstress took to her Instagram recently and uploaded a brief video with an enigmatic suggestion about an upcoming tour. Check out the posts below.


What do you think? Are these references suited to the region she’s in right now or will they be around for a while? If Gaga plans to stick with them, she better look back to 2004 and make sure she doesn’t force anyone to compare her with Gwen Stefani.

Her ARTPOP could mean anything, but we’d hate for it to end up meaning plagiarism.

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