Justin Bieber Must Love Animals, Because He Just Got A Brand New Tattoo Of An Eagle

Another day, another tattoo for Justin Bieber. And whether his fans like them or not, the pop star is dead set on getting as many tattoos as he can and he wants them as quickly as possible.

This newest ink story happened shortly after finishing a show last night in Sydney, Australia. Immediately after leaving the stage Justin tweeted a thank you to fans for giving him an awesome show and then this happened:

Shortly thereafter, he sent out a photo from the tattoo chair, leaving us all to wonder what he could possible be adding to the collection of artwork on his left arm.

Thankfully for us, Justin powered up his Instagram again this morning, showing off his brand new eagle. You can barely see the beast, but I’m assuming it’s an american traditional style Bald Eagle. Then again, we all know what happens when we assume.

What do you think of Justin’s Ink? Should he keep going or stop now? Take our poll and let us know!!

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