Kim Kardashian Loves Selfies And We Love That She Loves Selfies

What would the world be like without our daily dose of Kim Kardashian? I don’t even want to think about it, because she always seems to know how to take a photo that will get everyone talking.

Kim and Kanye West were in Miami last night for one of the stops on The Yeezus Tour and, as with any other day of the week, she snapped plenty of pics to keep the masses informed and happy.

Although there are plenty of photos to shift through, and you can at the top of this post, one of them steals the spotlight from all the rest.

The picture in question not only shows off how amazing Kim looks just months after having her first child, but it also gives insight into, arguably, Hollywood’s most talked about relationship.

Is Kanye trying to make us laugh with that stare? Did he photobomb his wife-to-be? Do these two have a sense of humor about all of this fame business?


Whether you love them or loathe them, you have to admit one thing. There’s always something to talk about when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are involved.