Paul Walker's Business Partner, Roger Rodas, Identified As Second Crash Casualty (REPORT)

Eyewitness News in Los Angeles is reporting that Roger Rodas, a businessman and friend of Paul Walker, has now been identified as the second casualty in the crash that took the life of Walker yesterday.

It is believed that Rodas is the CEO of Always Evolving, a car customization shop in Santa Clarita, California that Walker was also involved with. Rodas was was 38 years old and is survived by two children.

A Porsche is displayed prominently on Always Evolving's Facebook, which is very similar to the car TMZ has photos of from the final moments before the crash. It is unclear if the two cars are one in the same.

The two men were both pronounced dead on the scene of the accident after the car they were both riding in slammed into a tree and burst into flames.



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  • Aaron Clarke
    Aaron Clarke

    condolences to both family's involved . but really , 215km/h on a fkn street ? really. thats insane even if he was a pro race car driver. big difference with a race car on a track compared to a 911 on a standard street.

  • Mardene Patton
    Mardene Patton

    Why in the HELL do they always feel the NEED TO SPEED?? Especially on public streets??? If Roger wasn't speeding they both would have more the likely still BE HERE!!!! SAD!

  • Rebecca Brown
    Rebecca Brown

    So sad to hear that Paul Walker died Rip. Paul Walker god take care of Paul?! :)