13 Britney Spears Reaction GIFs to Celebrate Her 32nd Birthday

National treasure and birthday girl Britney Spears was seemingly put on this planet to be GIF’ed. So here, in celebration of Our Lady of Spears’ 32nd birthday, is the complete collection of Britney Spears reaction GIFs to send to all your friends, for when words just aren’t enough.

There’s the classic Britney Spears open-mouthed laugh:

And some good, old side eye:







This one is for playing demure:

And this one is for when you’ve had it up to here:

Who just got a raise? This girl:

And sometimes you’re just over it:

And, I don’t know, whatever this is:

Just in case that’s not enough celebration for you, Celebuzz is hosting a “Circus” listening party this afternoon at 4:00 ET/1:00 PT. Tweet with Celebuzz using the hashtag #CircusCB and follow along here: