‘Dancing With The Stars’ Aims Really, Really High

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I don’t need another reason to feel sorry for Cuba Gooding Jr., so I was quite relieved to learn that Radar Online‘s report about a cast of Oscars winners on Dancing With the Stars was false.

According to the site, a production source claims that Renee Zellweger has been “offered mega bucks to do DWTS and compete for the chance of putting the mirror ball trophy next to her Oscar.

“Renee, who won the best supporting actress Oscar for Cold Mountain in 2004, is being seen as the lynchpin contestant that would seal the deal for the theme season,” the source added.

That’s precisely what an Academy Award needs! A disco ball celebrating your fall from greatness taking pride of place right next to it.

The plan is to secure “all-Oscar winners series, that would include former Academy Award winners from all eras.

“They keep raising the amount of money they are willing to give her in the hopes that she’ll say yes, and the theory is that if they can get her to sign on, then it would attract some other really prominent Oscar winning stars — who wouldn’t normally do reality TV — to fall in step.”

Gossip Cop spoke to a source close to Zellweger, confirming that the rumor is not true.