Demi Lovato Opens Up About Past Struggles: I Couldn’t Act Like an Adult

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Demi Lovato has never been shy to talk about her stint in rehab, but now she’s opening up about exactly how she landed there in the first place.

Speaking with Nylon magazine, the publication’s latest cover confesses she refused to listen to her parents’ advice and allowed her partying ways to get out of hand.

“My parents tried to control me, but I’d be like, ‘Oh really, I’m grounded? Well, I pay the bills,’” she says. “They did the best they could. And I think that’s why a lot of young stars struggle when they’re making money or providing for their family.”

“It was hard to listen to the word ‘no.’ I wanted to make my own rules. I thought that if I was adult enough to get there, then I could party like an adult,” Lovato explains. “And obviously, I couldn’t.”

With her struggles with self harm and an eating disorders behind her, the X Factor judges adds that she’d like to be remember for something more than a troubled child star.

“I would like to separate myself from being the girl who overcame her issues, or the Disney chick who ended up in rehab while she was still on Disney,” she says. “I don’t want people to hear my songs on the radio and be like, ‘Oh, that’s the girl who cut.’”

“I look at my life and think, ‘There’s not enough time.’ I co-directed my last two videos, and I have this dream of being behind the camera and one day directing my own movie. I want to host my own show and be a younger Oprah. I want to write songs for other artists. I want to be an author. I want my own makeup line, and my own skincare line. I want to do a lot more philanthropy work, and for a while there I thought I wanted to go to law school.”