Prince Harry Pulls a Kate Upton, Freezes Butt Off in Antarctica

The 208-mile Walking With The Wounded race has began, and Prince Harry’s team is in first place.

All three teams – Great Britain, Commonwealth and America – started at 87 degrees south yesterday at 1:30pm GMT, skiing for five hours before setting up camp for the night.

“The scenery here is quite remarkable, and for 360º nothing can be seen, it really is quite spectacular. Godspeed,” Harry said before the start of the race, put on to raise awareness for injured servicemen and women.

In the months leading up to the race, all teams underwent intensive training, including sleeping in a 24-hour cold chamber meant to simulate Antarctic weather.

During a pre-race interview with Sky News, Harry joked that Prince William was very jealous of him, since he “managed to get away from a screaming child” (ILYPG).