This Is the $4.8M L.A. Panty-Dropping Palace Charlie Sheen Wants Brooke Mueller Out of ASAP

Charlie Sheen is reportedly on a mission to kick his ex out from under the multi-million roof he bought her.

But it’s Brooke Mueller who must be kicking herself because this pricey pad is pretty sweet.

She’s gonna be sorry to let it go (if it comes to that)… and CB! can show you the inside pics.

Sheen bought the 5-bedroom crib in the exclusive Mulholland Estates nabe of 90210 in 2012, but ever since he’s been wrapped up in their bitter custody battle, Mueller went to rehab for a whopping 20th time, Sheen’s other ex Denise Richards alleged their twin boys are tiny terrors, and Mueller accused the former Bond girl of abuse, Sheen’s had about all he can take.

The Anger Management star plunked down $4.8 million for the Spanish style villa near his own home in the Hills of Beverly. And we can see why Sheen wouldn’t want to just give it away for about $2.6 million, according to TMZ, even if he is desperate to get her out.

This place is decked out with tons of charm, including exposed beam ceilings, Saltillo tile, wrought iron fixtures, French doors and archways. Not to mention, it’s party ready with a theatre, huge formal living room and sprawling poolside paradise with built-in BBQ. The library and walk-in closet with dual fireplace in the master suite aren’t so bad, either.

Take look inside Mueller’s soon-to-be former digs in the CB! gallery above.